The Yale EA fellowship is a competitive semester-long program for students to deeply engage with ideas and strategies for effectively improving the world. Participants meet for a dinner discussion every week, many of which will be with distinguished guests and scholars who will share their ideas and their work.

Topics range from poverty alleviation and global health interventions to moral philosophy and existential risks. Guests for Fall 2017 include Prof. Laurie Santos, who studies comparative cognition and teaches about the psychology of a good life, Prof. Paul Bloom, author of Against EmpathyProf. Mushfiq Mobarak, development economist and board member for the Jameel Poverty Action Lab, the renowned ethicist Prof. Shelly Kagan, CEO John Mackey of Whole Foods, political scientist and social science reformer Prof. Peter Aronow, Prof. Erez Yoeli of the Yale Applied Cooperation Team, and Brenton Mayer of 80,000 Hours

Applications are closed for Fall 2017.

Spring 2017 Fellows

  • Pauli Mingyuan Xu, Yale College 2018
  • Luke Hellum, Yale College 2019
  • Tony Wai Pan Wong, Yale College 2020 
  • Larissa Nguyen, Yale College 2020
  • Walter Thulin, Yale College 2020
  • Heidi Dong, Yale College 2020
  • Tony Liu, Yale College 2020
  • Joshua Monrad, Yale College 2020
  • Stuart Nicholls, Yale College 2020
  • Preeti Srinivasan, Yale International & Development Economics 2017