Tan Zong Xuan
Board Member
A researcher-in-training from the island-state of Singapore, Tan Zong Xuan ’18 studies electrical engineering and cognitive science at Yale, and still harbors their adolescent dream of one day becoming a cyborg. Despite initial skepticism, Zong Xuan joined the Yale Effective Altruists because they came to Read More
Mojmír Stehlík
Mojmir Stehlik ’18 comes from an obscure town on the east of Slovakia, from which he has moved to an even more obscure town in Bosnia and Herzegovina to attend an international high school before finally landing in the lovely New Haven. He loves effective Read More
Frankie Andersen-Wood
Outreach Team
Frankie, Silliman College ’18, is majoring in Political Science. She is President of the International Students’ Organization, Head Manager of the Silliman Buttery and World Fellow Liaison at the Jackson Institute. Since encountering Effective Altruism in her freshman year, Frankie has taken the Giving What Read More
Lewis Ho
Collaboration Team
Lewis Ho comes from Hong Kong. Prior to coming to Yale he’d also studied in California and lived in Germany. He joined the Effective Altruists because he was trying very hard to figure out what he should be doing to make the world just a Read More
Joshua Monrad
Collaboration Team
Joshua Teperowski Monrad ’20 hails from Denmark. He learned about Effective Altruism during his gap year, and it has not only changed his outlook on choosing a career path but also affected his choice of major at Yale. One of his proudest accomplishments is an interview Read More
Gabe Rissman
Collaboration Team
Gabe Rissman is from Summit, NJ.  He is interested in doing the most possible good in his lifetime, and is particularly interested in existential threats to humanity.  Gabe enjoys philosophical discussions, climate change activism, and floating dance parties.
Šimon Podhajský
Prague’s born and raised, Šimon Podhajský ’15/’16 received a Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Science with a focus on irrationality. Effective altruism appeals to him because anything worth doing is worth doing with a statistically significant effect. After graduation, he has worked as a Read More
Aaron Gertler
Founder (Alumnus)
Aaron Gertler ’15 is the founder of Yale Effective Altruists. He likes effective altruism because it promotes clear thinking and makes the future a better place to live. When he’s not trying to improve the world, he moonlights as the chairman of the Yale Record, Read More
Tammy Pham
Co-Founder (Alumnus)
Tammy Pham ’15 was born in Saigon, Vietnam, and is fluent in English. She is a Cognitive Science major interested in memory and how it shapes behavior and identity. She hopes that effective altruism will build a world in which people live longer, create more Read More
Robert Yaman
Member (Alumnus)
Robert Yaman ’15 is a philosophy and math major from Seattle. He views Effective Altruism as a worthwhile and productive philosophy to adopt when approaching the problems of the world, and he is particularly interested in EA as it applies to convincing people to adopt Read More