Announcing: The first semester of the Yale Effective Altruists Fellowship program!

Effective altruism is the idea that we should apply evidence and reason to help as many people as possible. At YEA, we work to do this ourselves, by raising funds for some of the world’s best charities and raising awareness of the power Yale students have to make the world a much better place. Most of all, we are a society of friends, working together to figure out what we value and how we ought to live our own lives.

YEA Fellows are the first to hear about our talks and private dinners with well-known academics, nonprofit leaders, philanthropists, and other distinguished people. This semester’s guests include Shelly Kagan, Dean Karlan, and Peter Singer (over Skype).

We also meet up for a wide range of private social events: Movie nights, mixers with other Yale nonprofits, and even miracle berry parties.  The time commitment is usually one event per week – dinner with a speaker, or a gathering with other Fellows.

To apply, just fill out the short form below. We hope you’ll join us to fight for a better world!

(Note: If you haven’t yet come to a YEA event or met one of us for dinner, we’ll set up a meeting to learn more about your interests and goals.)

Apply to Become a YEA Fellow!

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